“Beslide Me” is a beta project built for in-person and virtual presentations. The idea was born out of delivering 8 years of presentations. While using PowerPoint, I often find myself moving out of the way for audience members to get their perfect shot of a slide to share on social media or simply reference later.

When a presenter uploads their PowerPoint presentation, Beslide Me adds a unique QR code to every slide in the deck. The service then spits out a new PowerPoint deck for the presenter to download. When presenting with the new deck, audience members will be able to scan a QR code on any slide and Beslide Me will take them to an image of that slide on their smartphone.

With the perfect shot of their favourite slide(s), they’ll be able to share on social media, make notes, or simply save. As the audience scans and saves, the presenter can see real-time slide popularity analytics and also see the crowd favourite when the presentation is over. Win-win for all!

It’s free and there’s no need to create an account! Slides auto-delete after 14 days and your content isn’t indexable by search engines.

Beslide Me - Simply share your slides and see real-time slide popularity | Product Hunt Embed

🏠 Beslide is available on beslide.me.

📅 Live (BETA) on June 23, 2020.

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