We all have tinge of guilt when we stuff yet another pair of shoes into our closet, or throw out perfectly good shoes that don’t quite fit the latest fashion. That feeling plus the current events of 2016 (hurricane in Haiti and more) pushed myself and friend, Anthony McLeod, to launch DropKicks.

DropKicks is a “not-for-profit organization devoted to eliminating impoverishment through the collection and distribution of shoes”. The picture above shows Anthony and Patrick with boxes containing close to 300 pairs of shoes and boots that were already collected, disinfected, and paired with compostable bags. These shoes were shipped out to Haiti for those impacted by the devastating hurricane of 2016. In total, we have collected and distributed almost 1000 pairs of shoes.

For anyone reading this, you can help them out by donating at the DropKicks website. 100% of donations go towards distributing shoes.

🏠 DropKicks is available on the interwebz.

📅 Live on October 10, 2016.

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