In ‘Fortune $500: Think Like a Startup. Act Like an Investor’, Patrick Colucci takes you inside the process of developing apps in a fresh, fluid way while dodging all the toil and headaches encountered by the majority of app developers and startup founders. Patrick shows you how the conventional wisdom on app development isn’t always so helpful, and how by approaching your apps like an investor you can harness the power of outside resources to get your work done quickly, professionally, and at low cost. If you’ve got the drive, Patrick has the know-how to pull your dreams from inside your head and into the App Store and/or Google Play.

“‘Fortune $500′ is my method to my madness. Many family and friends ask me to build their “Fortune 500″ startup idea. As a result, I published an easy-to-follow book that guides anyone through building an app with just $500 (and without coding). It may not be the right way or the only way. But, this has been my way of doing things. Enjoy the read!” – Patrick Colucci

Pick up a copy of ‘Fortune $500′ today and kick off your journey toward a more enjoyable, more fruitful app-building career.

📖 Fortune $500 is available in Paperback format.

📕 Fortune $500 is available in Kindle (eBook) format.

📅 Published on May 01, 2018.

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