Perfcetion is a comfort-wear brand designed, developed, and marketed by myself. On September 28, 2017, Perfcetion x Sam Sheffer was released, a successful collaboration between the brand and YouTube Personality, Sam Sheffer. As Sam states, “With this line, we wanted to capture the essence of New York City and bring it to life in conjunction with handwritten Perfcetion logo and font”. This collaboration helped propel the brand further into the public eye.

The brand is dynamic and always under development. The Perfcetion brand is a project that’s close to my heart because it’s a reflection of who I am. Perfcetion was (and currently still is) the only project that releases tangible (non-downloadable) goods.

⏸️ The store has been put on pause.

🏠 Perfcetion is present at and is pending trademark.

📅 Live on March 11, 2017.


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