TATLAT (Take a Thought. Leave a Thought) is a fun app for iOS that lets people leave their thoughts on anything to get back a thought posted by someone else.

Telepathy is typically something of the science fiction genre, but what if we could actually read other people’s thoughts? What might we discover? Let’s consider what it would really be like to read another person’s thoughts. What would we see and hear? What could we learn about ourselves?

Here’s what to do:
Step 1: Download.
Step 2: Open TATLAT.
Step 3: Spill your thoughts.
[Optional] Step 4: Tap the penny to read someone’s random thought.

The human mind is an often chaotic place and it’s the same for the vast majority of people. Irrationality, the ego, fear and anxiety; you needn’t be so concerned with them once you can observe and understand them. Seeing inside the mind of another person might just be the biggest eye-opener of them all.

💼 TATLAT was sold. I cease to develop, maintain and operate this product.

🏠 Available on the App Store.

🏆 Rated #8 Product of the Day on Product Hunt on December 9, 2017.

📅 Live on December 8, 2017.

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